Age of Adaline / Für immer Adaline

When I first saw the trailer to this movie, I was sceptical. This whole “I’m not aging” theme has been used up lately with all this vampire movies and books going around. But I was curious so I sat down and watched it.

Age of Adaline in five words would probalby be “woman dies in accident- twice”. When Adaline is 29 years old, she is already a widow and now single mother to her daughter. When something rare happen- snow falling in California- she has an accident and dies. Just to get resurrected by a lightning strike after which she stopped aging. With the movie beginning like this… My scepsis was on the highest possible level. Adaline went on rasing her daughter but how else can it be when you are not aging a single day over the decades, people you know tend to get suspicious. A plan is made: A full life make over every ten years, never tell anyone. Her only friend over the years is a blind musician who is merely confused that whenever she and “Amanda” as she calls Adaline are out togehter all those young man want to talk to them.

Right as Adaline is planning the next makeover, she comes across Ellis. A handsome guy who has decided he wants to get to know this “Jenny”, Adaline’s current alias. As fait would have it, they fall in love. Adaline’s first instinct is to flee where her now golden aged daughter tells her to stop running and start living. Deciding to give love a chance, she agrees to acompany Ellis to his parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. Again, fate strikes: Ellis’ dad is someone from Adaline’s past- a future lover who even inteded to marry her and of course, he recognises her. She pretends to be Adaline’s daughter which works for a bit. Up to the point where he sees a certain scar and confronts her about who she really is.

Fleeing from the scene, Ellis going after her, she gets into the second car accident after deciding to tell him everything and just live and love. Again, it starts to snow, again she dies. No, not “again lightning strikes”. This time it’s the paramedics doing their job with a defi. In the end, love wins. Ans the viewer already suspects that this second accident helped restart what the first stopped: Is Adaline going to age and be able to grow old with Ellis?

I couldn’t help but fall in love with this movie. You could see the struggle Adaline goes through. Wanting to be with Ellis, pushing him away anyway because that’s just the life she knows, the life she has to live if not wanting to be used as a guinea pig. The only living creature, apart from her daughter who gets to know her, is her dog. To see her lose him, had me cry and I don’t cry often when it comes to movies. The mood was so perfectly set, the flashbacks so beautifully done… It just touched me. To see how much Adaline lightened up after deciding to just live, no matter her condition and no matter what people think, was just great. The speach, Ellis’ dad gave for their anniversary had me tear up again because, come on, this is what most people wish for in relationships and it is so rare.

This one of my new favorite movies. Go watch and enjoy :’)


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