Oh great, another teenie movie. *sarcasm off* That’s what I thought when I heared about “The DUFF”. Then I heared something about the male cast. Robbie Amell was starring. Damn it, now I had to see this one. I first came across Robbie when he starred on The Tomorrow People which I watched because of Mark Pellegrino who I knew from Supernatural. I also knew Robbie from The Flash which I watched because of Arrow where actually Robbie’s brother Stephen… where was I again? Right, The DUFF.

To see Robbie Amell in a role that would have been Zac Efron’s a couple years back, was interesting. But I started to like the movie not just because of Robbie. I loved the movie for its message and the way it’s been told.

DUFF is short for Designated Ugly Fat Friend. When Bianca finds out the whole school sees her as her friend’s DUFF, she is devastated. Deciding to end her DUFFness right here, right now, she askes her childhood friend and neighbor, and also football player Wes for help in exchange for making sure he passes science class. They have fun along the way until a video of their really weird shopping session is uploaded to Youtube and goes viral.

Cyber bullying. Many kids today suffer from it because you can hardly take one step without it being recorded on camera or noted in a social network. So to see when Bianka unfriends her friends and you see on how many website they have to block, unfriend, unfollow each other. Frankly put, this movie shows the madness of social networking. Not by pointing a finger, not by blaming someone. With humor. I didn’t expect to laugh so much with this much trouble going on.

When Bianca finally scores a date with her crush she dresses up, wanting to show she’s not a DUFF. As Wes points out: she’s looking good but she’s not herself. Disturbingly, she finds out her crush was only using her as a DUFF, as the approachable one, to get a date with her friends.

Needless to say, she ends up with Wes when she realizes that she is who she is and that she shouldn’t try to be anyone else but the best version of herself. And seeing that everybody is somebody’s DUFF because you can’t be the best in everything and that’s okay. She stands up to the bullies, not caring anymore, making sure her voice is heared.

I loved this movie because it shows that it’s okay to be yourself, be the “weirdo” you are. Nobody is perfect and that’s okay. I feel like many people out there can relate to how Bianca feels. I’m sure I can. Show me one decent person who hasn’t felt like a DUFF at least one. This movie handled this topic with just the right amount of sensitivy, humor and romance. Yes, it is another teen movie. But I so like this one.


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