The Heir by Kiera Cass

I did a piece on The Selection Series earlier this week and now I feel like “The Heir” deserves its own.

I gotta admit: I bought The Heir not because I was interested in who and how America’s daughter will choose to be her prince but because I wanted to know how America and Maxon were doing.

The book starts 20 years into their marriage. There are problems in Illéa although the castes have been dissolved and things were better for a while. Maxon wants to buy some time to find a solution to the problems and suggests his daughter host a Selection to distract the public. She refuses at first but under some newly set circumstances she follows through and soon 35 young men are staying in the palace.

Where in the first three books we followed America as one of the Selected, now it’s her eldest daughter we follow. And to be honest if this had been the first book of the series, I would have put the book on a shelf somewhere and let the dust have its fun. Eadlyn (Everytime I put that name in writing I’m thinking I spelled that wrong… xD) comes across as arrogant, cold… Just not someone whose story I would want to follow. I just kept reading for the bits and pieces about Maxon, America, May, Marlee, Aspen and Lucy. Not liking the main protagonist when she isn’t some serial killer or supernatural monster but actually trying to date (even if she’s just pretending) wasn’t really how I wannted to spend my time. She didn’t even really care to remember their names and so did I. Everytime I read a boy’s name I wondered if I had read that name before and if the princess had spent any time with him yet. Further on in the story, some names finally stuck and I could put some of the pieces together.

And then… Like ten minutes before I finished the book- planning to put that book next to the other Selection novels and novelas on the shelf, never look at it again and to not buy the sequel- Her Highness started to actually show feelings and admit them to herself. I mean feelings other then anger when someone wronged her or being annoyed. She actually starts to admit being confused and caring about other people. And just when you start to like her and something really unsetteling happens, the books is over. It ends with Eadlyn telling herself that she will end the Selection and find a husband this way and not ending it sending everyone home like she originally intented to.

Again with the teams and ships. In this book there are several possibilties to choose from. It’s Eadlyn with:

  • Kile
  • Ean
  • Henri…

and there were no more names in my memory but Eikko, called Erik, who isn’t even in the Selection but interprets for one of the guys. (By the way, I ship her with Erik but in the end I think Henri or Kile have the biggest chances to end up next to her)

All in all… Yeah, it’s a good book. Well written and you wanna keep on reading even if only for the reasons I mentioned earlier. Later on some of the Selected and the Princess grow on you and you just wanna get your hands and eyes on the yet to be named fifth book to see how everything continues as the story leaves one MAJOR question unanswered.

Speaking of questions: Who do you ship Eadlyn with and who do you think she will choose?


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