Pretty Little Liars

When I started watching Pretty Little Liars, the show was already well into season 2. I was curious because I had read so much online and people were psyched about it. I read what it was about and I thought it might be worth looking into.

I was hooked almost immediatly. I wanted to know who the person was that send that text, I wanted to know what this was all about what the girls would have to go through until they finally found out.

The story starts with Aria getting back from a year in Iceland, finding that her friends have gone seperate ways after Alison DiLaurentis disappeared and Aria and her family left the country. Then a body is found and the police say it’s Alison’s. The group that was close to her, being Aria and her friends (Emily, Spencer, Hannah), find their way back together. After the funeral they all get a text. It says that there’ll be more to come and it’s signed by A. So from the beginning, the girls are set on finding out who that A is who knows a lot of their secrets and blackmails them.

Now that I’m writing this the sixth episode of season 6 has just aired. I have stopped watching the show several times now. After season 3 I only continued into the next season because I thought we’d get some answers. When it was clear that we wouldn’t, I stopped somewhere in season 4. Then I read online: There are new clues, we’ll get A. I caught up and again- no answers, just more confusion. Again, hoping that there were some answers, I kept up with the show and watched as Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hannah searched for clues that might lead to A. Until I read that the network confirmed season 6 and 7. That was it for me. I wasn’t gonna let myself get dragged into two more seasons of “That’s A. Oh no, it’s not, too bad we ruined that character.”. BUT the network promised to reveal A with the fifth season finale. That meant catching up on the parts of season 5 I hadn’t yet seen. The #BigReveAl turned out to be… Nothing. We got a first name and some cryptic video clue to A actually being linked to the DiLaurentis family. So far so good. I (and a lot of other people) were really disappointed and some even said they’d quit watching the show for good. Other were just happy about finally getting a real clue.

Before seeing the sixth episode of this season I was close to quitting myself. Charles turned out to be a dead end. Literally. The guy was dead and the girls had proof. Or so they thought. So he couldn’t be A. A had to be someone else. Again, the “definite” answer the network had promised turned out to be bogus. Another promise was the #SummerofAnswers. This summer, we’d finally get the answers, season 6 was supposed to reveal the thing that got the show going and was what kept everyone watching- who is A and why the heck did they do what they did. Until now, I didn’t feel like I was getting a lot of answers. I still don’t because so much we thought true and proofed wasn’t in the end. The Charles angle didn’t seem to go anywhere, but as usual the show has another suspect ready. In this last episode there are some strong hints at Charles not being as dead as we thought. Which leaves me behind feeling rather confused.

I loved this show from the get go. I liked Aria, Hannah, Spencer and Emily. And of course I was always on the lookout for A. Who could it be? From season 3 on, I was convinced that it wasn’t someone we had seen yet. Another theory of mine was that it was one of the girls. When Alison returned, I had my suspicions on her for a while. Turned out that my theory about not having seen A yet, turned out to be right. (Unless they hid Charles somewhere in plain sight.)

The first two seasons were great, terrific.. Of course there’d be throwbacks in finding A. After that it was just getting ridiculous at some points. And now in season 6… I just hope- for the sake of the show and my curiosity- they reveal A for good soon and find another angle to tell the girls’ story in season 7. I mean, there is still quite the aftermath to deal with. I still love the characters but if you spread a story out too thin, you might end up ruining it for good. Yes, it always sad to see a show you like come to an end. But sometimes it’s better to end on a high. I loved Psych and I was devastated when it ended after season 8 but in the end… It was a great show, the quality never dropped and it’s fun to watch from pilot to series finale. I loved Revenge and I was sad to see it go but in the end I think they should’ve written an ending sooner. Maybe not the happy ending it got but one that fit the story, fit the characters and not an ending that felt like: “We aren’t getting another season, let’s see how we can wrap up fast and give the fans what they want.”


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