The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

As a lover of fantasy books I have wanted to get my hands on The Mortal Instruments for a while now. I had seen a trailer for the movie and I thought it looked amazing. After seeing the movie- and still being amazed- I put the books on the “To Read”- list. As you know, it’s been a while since the movie has been out, there have been rumors about a second one, there’s a tv show being made… I was keeping track but until last week I couldn’t manage to read the first book. Needless to say it didn’t take me long to read it.

Whenever I heared fans talk about the movie, you’d hear something like: “God, I love the books but this movie… Hope the second one will turn out better.” As I hadn’t read the book yet I wondered what the problem with the movie was. I liked it, I didn’t miss anything and I thought I had understood everything just fine. When I started the book I immediatley knew why everyone was complaining. The more I read the more I saw what was missing or changed in the movie. I’m glad I watched the movie first because this way I was able to enjoy it. (That’s a general problem of turning books into movies. Most of the time it just doesn’t work out. There are examples where it has been done really really well but those are the exceptions.) They left out a huge part of the mythology (as far as I remember, Idris isn’t even mentioned in the movie) and some things just didn’t send the same message as in the book- Jace being Clary’s brother for example. After the movie I thought it was just a possibility, a ruse even, since you saw Hodge and Valentine plotting to say this to Clary and Jace to break them. In the book it comes across much more realistic. They also changed a lot of settings for the movie where the final battle takes place in the Institute and Valentine let’s demons into the Institute. In the book, Valentine has a hiding place in an old abandoned hospital and has an army of “zombies” already at his disposal. The whereabouts of the Mortal Cup are different as well. In the movie Clary has it in the end and plans on hiding it. In the book Valentine has it and is off to Idris with it where in the movie I was left thinking he froze in the portal, never to be seen again.

The way I see it: The book is awesome but when you have read it you shouldn’t really watch the movie. Unless you are able and willing to see it as a completely different story. Then it’s really enjoyable as well.

After there were rumors about the second movie being resumed, there was a tv show confirmed. It’s called “Shadowhunters” and I am so looking forward to it because I hope in a show they’ll be able to fit the mythology into the different episodes as it is in the books and get the characters just right. The actress who’ll play Clary looks the part but when they announced the guy playing Jace I was shocked. He didn’t fit into my picture of Jace at all and I wasn’t the only one thinking that. But I have decided to keep an open mind. Maybe they will all surprise us. The pictures from the set I’ve seen so far look really promising and I’ll be sure to tune in. As sure as I’ll be to read the rest of the books as soon as I can get my hands on them.


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