MazeRunner- ScorchTrials

I went to see this movie because I loved the book. As simple as that. Okay, Dylan O’Brien playing Thomas might have had just liiiiiiittle bit to do with it as well. With books being turned into movies there is always the danger of totally destroying the book. But since the first movie turned out more or less close to the book and there have been other great examples in the past like The Hunger Games, I went into the movie theater with some hope that my inner book worm wasn’t gonna be disappointed. What a fool I was…

The movie starts out in a very different setting than the book (to be fair: since I’ve read the books it’s been a while so I’m really fuzzy on the details here but by the beginning of the second book the boys and Teresa end up in some house with the rat man und they’re all alone in there, they have no idea that this organization is behind everything. Not so in the movie…) which completly threw me off. Did I just not remember correctly or did they completely rewrite the story. To get to the point: They did completely rewrite almost everything. Most of the time I set in my chair, thinking: “What the hell are they doing? That wasn’t in the book, was it?” So, to be fair to the project where thousands of people put a whole lot of work into, I won’t judge it as a movie made from a book because I’d have to give like 1 star out of five and that’d be just for the stunning performances of Dylan O’Brien, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Nathalie Emmanuel (“I know that Harriet… was she on Game of Thrones?”) and Aiden Gillen (“Oh my gosh, it’s Littlefinger! ” >enter fangirl scream and being glad we had the theater to ourselves here<). And that just wouldn’t be fair because watched without the book in mind it’s actually a good movie. Typical middle part of a trilogy. Now we’ll have to wait for the next movie and see how far off the book they’ll go with that one. I’ll definetly go watch it.

Without the book in mind this movie gets a solid rating of 4 out of 5 possible little gold stars.


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