The Hunger Games- Mockingjay Part 2

After reading all the books in less than a week, of course I had to go see the movies. And the first three were amazing. Close to the books, changes only made when necessary (we all know you can’t turn a book into a movie and keep everything the same)… So now it was time for the grand finale.


Katniss is moving in on the Capitol, the war is coming to an end. Lives will be lost. Some of them close to the viewers heart. And yes, sometimes you get the feeling that Katniss and her fellow rebels are part of another issue of the Hunger Games. The traps set by the game makers, the canon shots that are very cleverly used by the Capitol to announce the death of certain rebels and those being watched from a hiding space…

Does this last (is it really really over?!) movie keep up with the previous ones? Yes, it does. The acting is amazing, the settings great, the speed is right… It’s not perfect because nothing is but it’s an amazing finale. The movie doesn’t deal lightly with the effects all the events have had on everyone, especially Katniss.

Without losing too many words about this, I give this movie 4,5 out of 5 possible gold stars.


And now excuse me, I’m gonna grab those Hunger Games books and pay another visit to Panem.


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