Star Wars VII- The Force Awakens

It took me long enough but I finally got to see the new Star Wars movie. I’ll keep it short and hopefully spoiler free.

The Force Awakens introduces us to new characters and reunites us with well known and loved characters from the earlier movies. You get the best of the six movies combined into one really great new movie that deals with the same fight between good and evil. An awesome cast (the choice for one of the bad guys aside) and great acting make this a great adventure. But somehow the character that touched me the most and was done best was… a droid named BB8.

While “The Force Awakens” builds the ground for the next two upcoming movies, it is also nicely rounded up and can be seen as a stand- alone movie.

I give 4,5 out of 5 possible gold stars. (I have to take half a star for a plot twist that actually made me want to stand up and leave in tears.


PS If you have the strange feeling that Gollum moved to a galaxy far far away… He did. That character giving you that feeling is actually played by Andy Serkis.


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