Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon

Claire Randall’s journey continues. In part one of the series, she is thrown back through time and meets Jamie Fraser whom she marries out of necessity but falls in love with and fights her way through these dark times. At the end of the book Claire is pregnant, they are in France and plan to change the future by stopping the next Jacobite uprising.

The second book doesn’t just start where the first one ended. We are in the 20th century again with Roger Wakefield, the adoptive son of the Reverend who helped Frank Randall with his research. In 1968 he is visited by Claire Randall and her daughter Brianna who ask him to help with research concerning the battle at Culloden and the fate of the Fraser man of Lallybroch. When they find Jack Randall’s grave, somehow Jamie Fraser’s is on the same graveyard- far away from Culloden. And Claire starts telling her daughter all about her father, James MacKenzie Fraser… So we are taken back into the past, to France and acompany Claire and Jamie on their quest to stop the uprising that will cost so many Highlanders their lives


The book is amazingly written, if you like reading historical novels and time travel stories, you will love it. Mainly written from Claire’s point of view (this book differs from the first as it is not entirely written from her point of view but some from Roger’s and even a passage from Jamie’s), Gabaldon manages to make you feel what Claire feels. You feel her anger, her joy, her grief (yes, I even shed some tears at some point) and you don’t know anything she doesn’t.


I give this book 5 out of 5 possible gold stars and impatiently await being able to read the next one.


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