The Siren by Kiera Cass

After I practiaclly breathed in the Selection series, I had to take a look at what else Kiera Cass has written in order to pass the time until “The Crown” finds its way into stores. So I read The Siren.

The Siren is about Kahlen, a girl who was supposed to drown on a cruise but was saved by the Ocean in exchange for 100 years of service. Service meaning: Singing the siren’s song whenever the Ocean is hungry and feeding her with humans. Kahlen has served 80 years when she meets a boy she just can’t let go of. She can’t be with him because her voice would kill him and she doesn’t age and after her service to the Ocean is completed, she will forget everything including him. Is there a way they can be together?

While the Siren isn’t just as compelling as The Selection, it still practically reads itsself. (Didn’t fill more than one evening of reading.) Kiera Cass lets you feel along with Kahlen, her confusion, her longing for the boy she barely knows, her feelings when she just can’t forget him.

If you’re into teen romance novels and maybe even into siren lore, this might be the book for you.

I give this book 4 out of 5 possible little gold stars and continue to wait until “The Crown” hits the shelves.


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