Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon

The fourth book in the Outlander series continues where the third one ( Voyager review ) ended.


Jamie and Claire need to set up their lives in the New World. After landing in America they decided on staying and building their live anew from scratch. They travel to one of Jamie’s relatives who owns a plantation and hope to find help there. All this while Roger and Brianna spend time together in the 20th century and Brianna has to make a choice that will effect her live (and Roger’s) forever.

We meet new characters and have to say goodbye to characters we grew to like over the last three books. This book is told just as great as all the other books, although the point of view more often changes from Claire’s perspective and we acompany Roger, Brianna and Jamie. The book is best in the parts that are written from Claire’s point of view when it’s just like she’s telling you the story herself and you can feels what she feels. The other point of views are greatly told but you can’t feel along as well. Great writing with an awesome story make this book well worth the while. It’s like history comes alive on those pages and you can see the little settlement the Frasers build right in front of you just as you almost smell the sailors after months on board or the woods and the streams…


This book deserves 4,5 out of 5 possible gold stars and I can’t wait to get my hands on that fifth book.


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