Demon Road: Desolation by Derek Landy

After Skulduggery Pleasant Derek Landy amazed with the start into a whole new story with Demon Road in which Amber discovers she is a demon and not only her but her parents and their friends, too. She then has to run from them because the only reason she was born was to be eaten by them so they could keep and grow their demonic powers and complete their offering to the demon that made them what they are. In Desolation Amber and Milo are running from the Hounds of Hell who are send to bring her to the Shining Demon who wants to punish her for betraying him and their journey leads them to a town called Desolation Hill. A mythical border keeps the Hounds out and seems to provide a safe haven for Amber and Milo- if it weren’t for everything that’s wrong with this all too nice town.

The book is amazingly written and kept me glued to the pages from the first sentence (“They were all alive when she walked in.”). We get to meet new characters and to reunited with characters we met in the first book. Which leads to having a whole bunch of names you have to remember. That was sometimes confusing because I couldn’t place the names right away which is really my only real point of complaining about this book and it might just be me being bad with names.

Usually with the second book of a trilogy, you notice a bit of a dry run because it’s just used to build a bridge between book one and three and just there to build a path for the events in the finale. Not with this one. Although the book is mostly set in Desolation Hill, there is an awful lot of awful things happening and Amber and Milo don’t really get to catch a break because evil is always present here.

The ending of the book promises an amazing finale (which we don’t have to wait for too long cause the publishing date is some time this summer) and keeps me wanting more.

This book is one hell of a ride and gets 5 out of 5 possible gold stars.



“Eine Kugel Strappsiatella, bitte!” by NEON

Dieses Buch ist der Nachfolger von Ich gerne eine LSD-Leuchte! und folgt dem selben Prinzip: kurze Geschichten mit witzigen Missverständnissen und Versprechern, die tatsächlich so passiert sein sollen. Gesammelt werden die Geschichten für die NEON- Rubrik “Deutsche Geschichten” und sind jetzt zum zweiten Mal gesammelt als Buch erschienen.

555 neue lustige Geschichten verspricht das Buch. Die meisten als kurzer Text, einige als Farbbild dazwischen. Einige der Geschichten sind unheimlich witzig, bei anderen sah ich den Witz nicht, wieder andere fand ich so überhaupt nicht lustig (Eltern, die ihre Kinder beleidigen oder sie einfach grundlos anschnauzen, finde ich nicht lustig. Solche Erziehungsmethoden machen viel zu viel kaputt, als dass ich darüber lachen könnte), aber das ist auch wieder dem induviduellen Humor geschuldet.

Alles in allem ist das Buch ein kurzweiliger Zeitvertreib, der einen zum Schmunzeln und zum Lachen bringen kann.

Ich vergebe 3 von 5 möglichen Goldsternchen.

Cold Fire by John Passarella (a Supernatural novel)

The 14th novel to accompany the show Supernatural is finally here (and yes, I’ve read them all).

Supernatural is about two brothers, Sam and Dean, who travel across America and hunt things that go bump in the night. This novel plays in the 10th season, between the episodes “About the boy” and “Halt & catch fire”. Dean struggels with the mark of Cain and the brothers and their angel friend Castiel are searching for a way to remove the mark.

This novel takes the brothers and Castiel to Indiana, where gruesome murders take place. They discover a connection with the victims: they were all soon-to-be fathers. The brothers dig into the past of the town Braden Heights and discover some troubling secrets as they are hunting whatever creature is responsible.

John Passarella has written two other Supernatural novel and his third one is just as good to read as the previous ones. He manages to catch the tone of the show and paint the characters (the Winchester brothers and Castiel) really well. Castiel’s fake ID even names him Agent Collins which the fans know to be the actors (stage)name. The case is fascinating and takes turns up until the end and it even triggers memories from the Winchester’s individual past with appearances of characters some fans are longing to see again on the show as well.

This book gets 4,5 out of 5 possible gold stars and await the publishing date of the next Supernatural novel this summer.