The Crown by Kiera Cass

The final book in a series is always a fight between two emotions: “Omg, it’s finally here.” and “Oh no! I’m so sad. I can’t believe that it’s already over!”. The final one of The Selection isn’t any different.

The first three books were just amazing, easy to read, emotional and a protagonist that was just how I love them. I was sad when it was over and so happy when I heared there were to be two more books. When I read The Heir, I have to admit, it disappointed a bit since the main focus shifted from my beloved America to her daughter Eadlyn who I found highly unlikable and now I had to see her start a Selection to find a husband. The book ended just when I was kind of beginning to like her and it ended with America being on death’s doorstep.

The Crown did not disappoint, it is just as wellwritten as the other Selection novels. It starts with what fans wanted to know most: Did America survive and will be she well again. Eadlyn steps in as regent to give her father time to process and get through this difficult time. This is were the picture of her a snobby and cold princess starts to be shaken. Cass lets us see behind that mask and we are introduced to a person that we can actually relate to. She struggles through the days of hard work, the difficult phase her family is going through and through her own feelings for the remaining boys which she can’t quite make out in the beginning. And the nearer we get to the end, the more I actually found myself liking the princess. Nonetheless, I found it was easier to read the first three books, the last two novels describe the process of the held Selection from the opposite point of view and for me it was not the easiest thing to switch positions here. I couldn’t really get the suitors’ names straight, even in the Elite I had some names that wouldn’t stick because I hadn’t gotten the opportunity to properly “meet” them. Nevertheless, the book made me smile, it made me laugh and it actually made me shed some tears, with sadness and with joy.

Did Eadlyn pick a husband? That much I can say: She did just as promised in the of The Heir. Did she pick who I thought she would choose? She didn’t pick the one I actually believed Cass was going to write as the future prince but she certainly chose someone that I had my eye on from the very beginning.


All things considered, this was a nicely done ending to the series but not quite as brilliant as the third book. But that might just be me having difficulty to meet a whole new main protagonist and seeing America so far in the background in the last two books.

This books gets 4 out of 5 possible little gold stars and I’m impatiently waiting for what Kiera Cass has might have in store for us next.


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