Supernatural: Mythmaker by Tim Waggoner

As a fan of the show, I usually preorder the upcoming Supernatural novels. I enjoy the new stories with my favorite hunters and the authors almost always manage to catch the tone of the show so you can basically see and hear the characters speak.

Mythmaker, the 15th Supernatural novel, plays out between “Hibbing 911” and “The Things We Left Behind” in Season 10. The Winchester brothers travel to Corinth, Illinois, where a teenage artist brings gods to life who fight each other for the ultimate power and immortality, for in the end there shall be One. The brothers have to work fast to avoid even more casualties.

Just as I mentioned earlier, the novels usually do a great job of catching the show’s tone and bringing the beloved characters alive in our heads. Tim Waggoner’s second Supernatural novel is no exception. Dean’s sarcastic comments are on point and sometimes it’s just like Jensen and Jared are reading the lines to you. Along with a great story, this books takes us back to Dean’s and Sam’s teenage years and the author links those storylines beautifully.

For Supernatural fans this book is an amazing addition to the fan experience.

This book gets 4,5 out of 5 possible gold stars.


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