An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon

The seventh book of the Highland Saga covers Claire’s and Jamie’s travel back to Scotland to retrieve the printing press, with all the troubles  in their way. We also get to know William and Lord John a little better and see how Roger and Brianna do back in the 20th century.

As usual, Gabaldon manages to surprise us with twists and turns and the whole book is really well written. Up until to the last bit of the book, I was a bit annoyed by the whole “William did this, William did that” part of the book which seemed to drag on without an end in sight. Which of course it wasn’t. And all the 18th century storyline come together in the end which was greatly done.

The 20th century storyline didn’t disappoint, we have the MacKenzies setteling in Lallybroch, setteling (back) into the 20th century, finding a way for them to fit (back) in. We also find bits of Jamie and Claire here, as there are a lot of letters from them which Brianna and Roger read whenever they feel the need.

This book deserves 4 out of 5 stars and I already have my nose in the pages of the next book of the series, Written in my own heart’s blood.



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